ROI and other benefits

Manufacturers suffer from being late to embrace and implement the latest technologies that are built to answer a real need: the need to survive in the growing, competitive landscape, and the need to scale up production while reducing pricing, yet without compromising on quality. A clearly impossible mission without adopting advanced technologies and driving factory innovation.

IDS engineers will work with you to determine how these solutions may or may not perform for your given situation. Everyone’s digital plan will be different let us help you find the right one.

When you don’t fully know what you have to lose should you fall behind, it often means that you will be late to embrace new technologies.

Industry X.0

What exactly is Industry 4.0 and beyond. Where are you on this Journey?

The Basics: Data Collection

Taking your first steps. Leverage plant floor data to increase operations knowledge.

Business 101

Re-Thinking your business model to leverage the digital assets.

Digital Transformation Planning

Realizing the digital assets, you probably already own.

You’re Business Requires You’re Plan

The path to digital transformation is a unique path.

ROI from the Digital Plan

The goal of digital transformation is realized in many ways, our favorite way is increased revenue..

Let’s Talk About Your Project

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.